AJ Alexander

Getting drunk on romance one happily ever after at a time

Honor (SEAL'ed #1)


Honor (SEAL'ed #1)


An incredible story about finding love again 

Being a Navy Seal you get used to people dying, but when the person dying is your best friend, you agree to anything they ask. After volunteering for every mission available it’s now time for me to man-up, face my fears, and listen to my best friends dying wish, to go and claim my forever. Running was easy, convincing her to take a second chance on love is the hardest mission I'll ever encounter.

I buried my husband and what I thought was any chance of being happy again. As the ‘chubby’ friend to the two hottest girls on earth, I’m used to being overlooked, until a smooth-talking cowboy asks me to dance. With one simple touch, a longing I didn’t know I had sparks to life, leaving me desperate and scared. 

However, their future is darkened by a secret - the secret of who he really is

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